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A show that began as an idea in a restaurant, recorded in a basement as a couple of friends reading off scores of Premier League results, Cheeky Chip Chat has evolved so much over the last two years. It is now a forum for an ensemble of fans to provide their own tactical insights about the biggest matches across Europe's top competitions, react to the latest soccer news, provide their takes on the sport in general through their own lens, and even have some fun in light-hearted trivia competitions. We have already reached fans in 6 countries, including Germany, Argentina, and India, and we will continue to grow the show by inviting new fans on of any team from any country who can provide more diversity of perspective and opinion, and by reaching more soccer fans on new platforms and through new types of media.


The perfect balance of cheeky banter and true, in-depth analysis, underpinned by the diversity of opinions only possible by bringing together fans of all teams and backgrounds. This is the ultimate goal of Cheeky Chip Chat, and we hope you'll join us on this amazing journey!

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